Nicholas Nethercote is on vacation, so this fortnight's MemShrink report is a guest post written by Andrew McCreight.


Joe Drew made it so that on B2G images being displayed on the active page aren't locked, allowing them to be discarded when there is memory pressure. This is important to display image-heavy pages like Pinterest on B2G without OOM crashes.

Andreas Gal added a preference to control the size of the canvas image cache. The use of canvas with large images was causing OOM crashes for the B2G Gallery app. The limit is set to 10mb for B2G, and remains unlimited on desktop.

Leak fixes

Scoobidiver noticed a large increase in empty crashes on Firefox 23. Previously, these have been identified as being caused by leaks of virtual address space. Scoobidiver and Benjamin Smedberg investigated, found a possible culprit, and saw that the number of empty crashes went down to its previous level, or even lower, after some followup work for that bug was landed.

Timothy Nikkel fixed a leak caused by some recent changes to reflow-on-zoom.

Justin Lebar investigated a leak involving long-running automated testing on B2G and determined that it was the same layers leak previously found and fixed, but not backported to B2G18, by new contributor Christophe Mourand.

Randell Jesup fixed a WebRTC leak.


Brian Hackett reduced the memory usage of IonMonkey compilation, which should help on things like JS games that intensively run a lot of JS.

Nicholas Nethercote wrote a patch to change how decommitted GC arenas are shown in about:memory. Decommitted arenas don't actually use physical memory, so they need to be accounted for differently.

Boris Zbarsky reduced the memory usage of CSS in certain cases.